05 February 14

Bridging the gap between Turkey and Europe

A new joint initiative has been launched to offer high frequency multimodal connections between Turkey and Europe that will significantly lower CO2 emissions.

GreenBridge Multimodal CV, which has been set up by Samskip Multimodal BV and Intercombi (ICL) Transport, will initially offer three block trains per week linking the Samskip rail terminal in Duisburg to the Port of Trieste, for on-connection to ships operation between Trieste and Istanbul.

Gökalp Çak, general manager, Intercombi, said: “The GreenBridge initiative will attract huge volumes. We will have the flexibility to adapt the number of containers and semi-trailers carried by GreenBridge to market demand.”

“Based on our traffic predictions, if the same volumes were moved over the road using trucks, CO2 emissions would be up to 275% higher,” he added.

As well as lowering CO2 emissions, the new services will offer customers significant advantages over road transport including faster transit times, the elimination of border delays, traffic jams and road taxation and lower fuel costs.

In addition, it will offer greater flexibility on equipment selection up to and including 45ft containers and trailers and the increased reliability of large guaranteed capacity.

The company expects the block train service frequency to increase to five departures a week in the near future.

Source: www.greenport.com