12 August 14

BRIDGE Project

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Bridge Project

The Bridge Project  focuses on innovative solutions to adapt and enhance the current infrastructure and improve the
management of MoS traffic across the Dover Strait.

It comprises:

  1. Traffic Management Improvements – TMI (Dover). Through a secure holding facility for 220 freight vehicles with variable lane management and messaging, TMI will segregate traffic by operator (should an individual ferry operator have an operational difficulty leading to delays), enabling traffic to continue flowing and reducing congestion in the port and hinterland.
  2.  Berth enhancements (Dover/Calais). Following earlier berth works to accommodate larger ferries, both ports are now undertaking a major enhancement programme on four additional berths to make them safer, reliable, robust and faster tooperate so that the ferry operators can take advantage of reduced time in port.
  3. Multimodal platform (Calais). A new multimodal platform will accommodate a rail service connecting the Port of Calais to Le Boulou (Perpignan). It includes a rail terminal, multimodal interface area and information exchange platform, creating a fully integrated European multimodal chain that links the UK with northern Spain and the Benelux countries through Calais.

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