19 February 16

Mr Simpson, Coordinator for MoS, launches formal discussion with the EP ahead of Detailed Implementation Plan

ms4In the lead up to the presentation of his Detailed Implementation Plan for Motorways of the Sea in June 2016, the Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea today presented his priorities for the work ahead to a group of Members of the European Parliament.

Mr Simpson called on the members to engage and contribute to the development of Motorways of the Sea, the first outcome of which will be the Detailed Implementation Plan. A study is now underway conducting a detailed analysis of trade patterns, ports and infrastructure, technical and administrative challenges to help identify development priorities for the future.

The Coordinator will work along three identified priority areas:

1. Environment

2. Integration in the logistics chain

3. Safety, Traffic Management and the Human Element

Lending his support, Mr Cramer, Chair of the EP TRAN Committee said, “On behalf of the European Parliament TRAN Committee, I am very pleased to see Mr Simpson engaging with the European Parliament as he develops the Detailed Implementation Plan for the Motorways of the Sea. It will be an important and valuable opportunity to review the interconnectivity of the European transport and logistics sector. His work will provide us with valuable data on European ports and shipping operations and give us a chance to realise the full potential of the MoS corridor.” Hosting the MoS “Friends Event” in the European Parliament, MEP Gesine Meissner said, “We are pleased to welcome back Mr Simpson in his role as Coordinator of the Motorways of the Sea, and we are here to support this process aiming for a more integrated, and fully functioning, and environmentally sound trans-European network. We know we need to improve and with your work, we will now know where and how to do so”.

Official Press Release

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