11 February 19

Brexit preparedness: provisional agreement on realigning North Sea-Mediterranean Corridor and investing in the adaptation of transport infrastructure for security and border checks

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European Commission – Press Release – February 8, 2019

The European Parliament and the Council on the North Sea-Mediterranean Corridor  – one of the nine core corridors of the Trans-European Transport (TEN-T) Network. Dublin, Cork and Shannon Foynes and core network ports in France (Le Havre, Calais, Dunkirk), Belgium (Zeebrugge, Antwerp, Gent) and the Netherlands (Terneuzen, Rotterdam, Amsterdam), taking into account the withdrawal of the United Kingdom.

On the other hand, the Regulation adds a new funding priority to the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF): adapting transport infrastructure for security. This priority will be taken into account by the Commission when proposing the next CEF work program. The Commission will carry out an assessment of the consequences of Brexit on transport connections and traffic flows. These measures will only apply in case the United Kingdom withdraws from the EU without an agreement.

Source: Portseurope