06 November 12

Bomin Linde plans Hamburg LNG terminal

Newly formed Bomin Linde LNG GmbH & Co KG is planning its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal for ship fuelling in the Port of Hamburg.

Following the completion of a feasibility study on the construction of LNG infrastructure, carried out by the Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) and Linde, the project is taking shape. The joint venture is planning the construction of the terminal as part of its plan to provide ships with cleaner fuel in a number of European ports, starting with the Port of Hamburg.

Ruben Benders, managing director, sales and LNG procurement, Bomin Linde, said: “The interest in LNG on the market is very big. In addition to the technical advantages offered by LNG, the expected increasing price difference between expensive oil and the more favourable price level of gas is an important aspect. The ecological sense of responsibility felt within the shipping industry and by its customers is also playing an increasingly important role.”

Limits on sulphur emissions for shipping in the North and Baltic Seas are due to come into force in 2015. LNG will offer ship owners to sustainably comply with the emission standards while reducing operational costs.

The project will allow the Port of Hamburg to introduce LNG as an alternative fuel in Europe. HPA plans to be operating a vessel running on LNG technology by 2014.

Source: greenport.com

Potential ways of implementation which comply with legal criteria are currently being assessed.