16 June 16

Biscay Line – Multiple port Finland-Estonia-Belgium-Spain long distance MoS, relevant to many core network corridors

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Biscay LineThe action is embedded in the development of the Trans-European Network for Transport (TEN-T), concretely linked to five core network corridors, i.e. Scandinavia-Mediterranean, North Sea-Mediterranean, North Sea-Baltic, Atlantic and Rhine-Alpine regions.

Two main objectives are to be achieved by this action. On one hand, this action will improve operations and handling capacity, as well as competitiveness of the EU ports of Antwerp and Bilbao, contributing to the achievement of a European maritime transport space without barriers. On the other hand, it will reduce the environmental impact of the RoRo vessels traffic operations and ensure compliance of the maritime service with international regulations.

Terminal ICT improvements as well as safety, security and administrative enhancements will be carried out at the Antwerp Euroterminal in the TEN-T core network Port of Antwerp (Belgium). In the TEN-T core network port of Bilbao the RoRo ramp used for the MoS service will be adjusted to the large RoRo ships deployed.

In the light of Sulphur Emission Control Area (SECA) compliance, the maritime operator will install emission abatement technology (wet-type open-loop hybrid ready scrubber systems) in three large freight RoRo ships.

Download the Info Sheet about this project:

Biscay Line

Member States involved:

Belgium, Spain, Finland, Estonia

Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2014

End date: December 2016

Code of project:



Source: INEA