10 July 19

BILOG 2019: Logistics and Maritime Forum,  16-17 Oct 2019 La Spezia, Italia

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BILOG 2019:  16-17 Oct 2019 La Spezia

The sustainable, connected and resilient road to 2030

European and Regional perspectives



BiLOG is an agreement signed by La Spezia Port Authority and Municipality of Piacenza in order to create a special event on sustainable, connected and resilient topics with a European spin. The Forum will focus on regional and European dimensions, on the transport and maritime investments, highlighting the importance of cohesion between the players of the logistics chain.

For more information about BiLOG, please click here: https://www.bilog.it/


Logistics and Maritime Forum
The sustainable, resilient and connected road to 2030
 October 16th – 17th 2019 @ LaSpezia Expo


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• Maritime and logistic facing the 2030 trends
• The Container market and its challenges
• The new TEN-T Regulation and the CEF 2 opportunities
• Connected ports and logistics
• La Spezia port system and the role on the Santo Stefano Dry ports
• Sustainability and circular economy: the Bio LNG case
• Rail last mile and e-logistic
• Blue Growth
• Port of the Future



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Event Manager: Giorgia Montorsi @ Circle S.p.A.

Email:  montorsi@circletouch.eu ,  phone: +39 010 8691039