21 April 17


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The IBCVET Project – International Benchmarking on CVET (Continuing Vocational Education and Training), co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme, started on November 2015 and will finish on November 2017. The central theme of the project is the improvement of CVET public policies at European, national and sectorial level and the enhancement of the opportunities for adult skills development, employed and unemployed, especially those with low educational and professional levels of qualification, in order to meet the employability and professional development challenges.

The Blue Economy and in particular the shipbuilding sector – for its special importance in the partnering countries – has been chosen as the scope of application of the project. The most important project outputs are:

• A report on the “State of the Art”: diagnosis of training policies and practices in the partner countries;

• An action plan “Take the training to businesses” concerning the challenges and priority areas of intervention in view of the policy objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy;

• Recommendations for the development of public policies that can promote access to CVET, particularly in the Blue economy and in the shipbuilding sector, allowing for a demonstrative impact on general CVET systems.

The Project is expected to influence public authorities in charge of CVET in the consortium countries to enhance the quality of CVET provision, and to impact in EU CVET policies and systems through a strong dissemination. The Project seeks to maintain the collective work beyond its end, which is an important impact for the participating organisations. Moreover, it is estimated that the Project will contribute to strengthen the cooperation between public authorities and social partners on the organization of CVET training, due to partner’s involvement. Thus, the expected impact for businesses is the increase in mobilization and investment in CVET and for the adults, employed and unemployed, the enhancement of access to training.

While working on the report about the “State of the Art”, the partners of Portugal, Spain, Malta and France have described the policies of CVET in each country, to share knowledge among the countries of the partnership related to CVET policies and systems, through the study of national main issues and their regional translation into the Blue Economy, in particular the shipbuilding sector. Furthermore, each country has undertaken surveys among the employers of the maritime industries and among the relevant training organizations. The leader of the respective WP has compiled the collected data and presented an assessment of the CVET policies in the 4 countries.

Furthermore, an ICT platform has been designed to include all existing CVET opportunities related to the maritime industry in the four selected countries. www.ibcvet.eu ibcvet.paragonweb.eu

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