15 December 16

Barcelona goes green / REPORTAGE

porto_barcellonaThe port of Barcelona presented a project to improve air quality, with the aim of reducing air pollution from port activity. By promoting the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) as an alternative fuel for ships and freight trucks, an 80% reduction in emissions of harmful gases is expected.

According to data obtained by the city’s public planning agency, Barcelona Regional, port activity is responsible for 7.6% of the average annual concentration of sulphur dioxide (SO2), and 1.5% of the annual emissions of atmospheric particulates over the Catalan capital. The president of the port, Sixte Cambra, explained that “over the last two decades we have been pioneers in environmental matters, and we maintain an unshakable will to continue on that path. We’re aware that our role as a public company is to facilitate a shift towards more sustainable practices.”

Source: The Medi Telegraph

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