12 March 21

Barcelona: EU-funded YEP MED future professionals in the port management and logistics sector

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The training, carried out by the Escola Europea saw the participation of more than 50 students from Institut les Salines in el Prat de Llobregat This week the first course of the YEP MED project’s vocational training series, funded by the EU’s ENI CBC Med Programme, came to a close in Barcelona.

The week-long course, initially scheduled to take place virtually, took a hybrid format
when it became possible to host some lectures in the Escola’s classroom in
person – the Aula dels Estels – and to physically visit the Port of Barcelona.

The objective of the course was to provide first-year students of vocational training
in International Trade and those studying Transport and Logistics at the Institut
Les Salines in Barcelona with first-hand knowledge of the Port of Barcelona, its
infrastructures, logistics equipment and operations, as well as its environmental
management and its digital sphere. The course also gave the companies
represented by the sector associations in the training the opportunity to
showcase the characteristics of their activities and the professional profiles they
need to develop appropriately, whilst at the same time encouraging an open
dialogue between the centres and the companies and promoting the creation of
dual-training opportunities.

The theoretical contents of the course focused on Port Management
characteristics, introduced Port-Logistics Community Actors (Maritime Customs,
Customs Brokers, Freight Forwarders, Ship Agents, Stevedores, Border
Inspection Post) and touched on environmental policies and characteristics, as
well as the emergence of Smart Ports. To complement the theoretical training,
workshops were planned which included an in-person maritime visit to the Port
of Barcelona, , a workshop on customs procedures, a workshop on freight
forwarders operations, as well as a FunTraders session, an international trade
simulation game. The training was completed with a Kahoot test designed to
test the knowledge gained by the course participants during the week. The
classes were given by professionals from the Port of Barcelona, the Maritime
Customs Administration in the Port of Barcelona, the Association of Customs
Agents in Barcelona, the Association of International Freight Forwarders, the
Shipping Agens Association in Barcelona and the Escola Europea.

“After one exciting week, I feel very lucky that I took part in the YEP MED program
in his first edition, held by the Escola Europea Intermodal Transport”, attested
Aymen Kadri, a student from the Institut Les Salines, upon completing the training.

“Despite the newness of this project, we as students were well-surprised
by the high level of organization and efficient coordination set by the Escola
Europea team and the professionals of the logistics field in Barcelona. As for
myself it was a real breakthrough in widening my knowledge. From day one, it
was noticeable how:
– Enthusiastic these executives were about their domain
– Passionate about transmitting the data to us without leaving any
doubt or confusion
– Impressive they were in combining theory with practice.
For the practical side, we had a great chance to find out the various operations
from the departments of the Barcelona Port, and through Marta Miquel we
received attentive guidance. Innovation signs were obvious, encouraging for new
development perspectives.”

The Vocational Training 1 course is the first part of a 3-training course
methodology developed under the project, designed to prepare the students and
young adults for transport and logistic professions in the Mediterranean region.

As part of the later training, the participants will be able to simulate certain real-
life operations in a digital twin of a port community created for the project. This

kind of digital and practical experience will help prepare the students for any
challenges that they may face in real working environments.

The YEP MED project, led by the Escola Europea – Intermodal Transport, aims to
develop port-logistics training and vocational (TVET) resources adapted to sector
needs to strengthen youth employability; increase and upgrade local
employment opportunities through the creation of real dual-learning
programmes with job placements, strengthening the role of SME’s operating in
the port ecosystems for future employment creation; and set up collaborative
national and transnational partnerships between port-logistics associations,

operators, SMEs, training centres and VET providers, whilst introducing a PPP co-
management process.

The project counts on the participation of partners from Spain, Italy, France,
Tunisia, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan. Throughout 30 months, the partners and
associates of the project will implement tools to achieve the main objectives of
this initiatives, in the short, medium and long terms. For a full list of partners of
the YEP MED project, you can go to the project’s website. As associated entities,

MEDPorts association and Consell Valencià de la Joventut will also join the
project. The project will receive 2.9 M€ (90% EU Contribution) in funding over its
For more information on the project you can contact Concha Palacios from the
project office at concha.palacios@portdebarcelona.cat.