28 January 15

Baltic Link Gdynia – Karlskrona

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baltic-linkThe objective of the Action was to implement the Motorways of the Sea project in the Baltic Sea Region through the ports of Karlskrona and Gdynia. The project’ aim was to reduce the amount of freight using the northern European motorways and will diminish the related road congestion.

The Action has deliver high-quality Motorways of the Sea infrastructure and services by combining the rail and sea modes of transport in order to eliminate the existing bottlenecks and to create a seamless intermodal transport chain. The project’s result is expected to be an increase in the intermodal share of the corridor from the current 3% to 10% in 2015 and 36% in 2025.

The activities of the Action will focus on the following particular objectives, namely to:
Increase the train capacity for goods on the Scandinavian and Polish side
Eliminate inadequate intermodal capacity on the Karlskrona-Gdynia link taking an important step towards an intermodal transport chain connecting Scandinavia with central Europe and the Adriatic Sea
Develop transport nodes in Alvesta, Karlskrona and Gdynia that will concentrate transport flows and achieve rail bound volumes that are economically profitable
Promote intermodal solutions on their respective markets that can mitigate road congestion, particularly in Germany
Eliminate conflict of interest between freight and passenger trains between Gothenburg and Karlskrona/Kalmar on the coast-to-coast line in Sweden
Offer a missing link to TEN-T corridors by further connecting the Baltic Sea in a north-south dimension
Harmonise the IT systems between the ports and other operators by further developing the Stena Line e-freight platform and move towards Single window

This project has been completed