15 April 16

Back from Black – Study and deployment of the affordable scrubber retro fitting technology for SME shipowners

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Back from BlackThe objective of the Global Project is to create, demonstrate, deploy and disseminate an economic and environmentally viable technology which will help to comply with the new sulphur regulations for maritime transport. The current Action introduces on the market a new product to tackle exhaust gas abatement and wash water cleaning technology by piloting and prototyping the installation of the hybrid scrubber (with possibility to switch between closed and open loop) on two vessels. In addition, two existing maritime links located on a core corridor, will be upgraded with the technology piloted and improved port efficiency. The project will also develop a comprehensive supply network for development and exploitation of the technology piloted. The adequate reception and a possible reuse of scrubber waste will be investigated. The results and best practices will be widely disseminated. This new technology will enable shipowners to retain their competitiveness when operating ships in the SECA (sulphur emission control area).

Member States involved:

Germany, Finland

Implementation schedule:

Start date: January 2014

End date: December 2016

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Back from Black

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Source: INEA