17 April 18

Autonomous Container Truck Deployed at Zhuhai Port

AI_container_truck_592_395_84_c1Westwell, a Chinese technology start-up, has created the world’s first AI-controlled container transporter.

The autonomous container truck was launched at China’s Zhuhai Port in January, utilizing the latest in AI and driverless vehicle technology to navigate the complex and busy port environment.

Compared to regular self-driving vehicles, the Westwell driverless container trucks are quicker to make decisions and adapt to changes in its environment – capable of efficient navigation, route planning and obstacle avoidance.

Industry observers expect the introduction of autonomous container trucks will boost terminal efficiency and cut labour costs by over 50%.

Westwell has also collaborated with Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company (ZPMC) to develop AI-driven Straddle Carriers which were introduced into the industry in November 2017.

The AI straddle carriers can reportedly automatically slow down for and bypass obstacles, along with a range of other decision-making abilities in emergency situations.

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