02 July 20

Artificial intelligence enhances customs and logistics facilities in the Port of Ancona

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SMART- C is the ICT innovative action based on the AI technological innovation to improve the traffic of heavy vehicles in the area of the Port of Ancona: the aims are the enhancement of the quality of ferry traffic services – embarking and disembarking operations, security checks and custom clearing procedures – and the development of a suitable answer to the traffic growth, taking care about the environmental sustainability.

AI technology indeed allows to manage and control the vehicle flows without on-board units: the system is based on correlation and merging of simultaneous information coming from multiple sensors located in 3D space and allows to manage and control vehicle flows along the road (from the port customs gates to Scalo Marotti customs facilities).


Along this “virtual tunnel” the OCR cameras enable the identification and recognition of containers and plates, reporting to the Customs Police deviations or interferences compared to the vehicles assigned path, without the need of direct and continuous  control by the Staff.

In this way the implementation of Automation procedures and Tracking&Classification procedures speeds up the operations in the port area and the security of cargo is guaranteed without any stop of the vehicles at the time of disembark.

The Automation procedures allow to manage the identification of plates inside the defined “controlled area” and allow the passage or not depending on the authorization level.



The Tracking&Classification procedures allow to create the virtual environment with a 3D avatar in correspondence with each vehicle framed by the OCR, reflecting the realtime situation.

This tracking and recognition system based on Artificial Intelligence is conceived for the interoperability with AIDA, the information system of the Italian National Custom Agency: for the first time in the Italian port industry an institutional cooperation is defined – among the Central Adriatic Ports Authority and the Italian National Custom Agency – for the launch of an innovative process of digital control and tracking of ferry cargoes and, in the future, for containers too.

It is indeed a great step of innovation with positive impacts in terms of environmental sustainability, security and efficiency of the operations and interoperability with third parties’ systems thanks to the dematerialization of information flows.



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