10 February 15

APMT Introduce ‘Terminal Eco-System’

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APM Terminals (APMT) recently introduced its new ‘Terminal Eco-System’ concept at the Port Equipment Manufacturers Association’s (PEMA) annual meeting.

According to the terminal operator, the concept is part of an object-oriented approach to terminal design, construction and operation.

Alex Duca, APMT’s Head of Design and Automation, said: “We are rethinking equipment design and manufacturing protocols as a way of enhancing productivity, as well as improving port equipment operators’ lives and workspaces.”

Duca explained that if a container terminal is viewed within the context of a self-contained, holistic, eco-system that has interdependent functions and needs, improvements in machinery and procedures can be designed into the system.

Applying new technology to existing equipment is also possible, but Duca pointed out that there are obstacles due to the way the equipment manufacturers pursue proprietary standards.

Duca said: “Crane enhancements are hampered by proprietary control systems that make wider roll-out of modular retro-fit packages excessively complex. There is a vast opportunity to improve equipment positioning and container location services as well through increased standardisation.”

In other news,APM Terminals Moin Container Terminal in Costa Rica is due to open in 2018.