11 December 15

AnNa, B2MoS and WiderMos: something that Europe can be very proud

From 2nd to 4th of October Hotel Ledra in Athens hosted the Join Final Event of B2MoS, AnNa and WiderMoS, three Motorways of the Sea (MoS) co-funding projects. The partners of three MoS projects had an opportunity to present own final outcomes and to provide advice for the future development of the Motorways of the Sea.

The CEO of the Port of Piraeus, Mr Ioannis Kouvaris, and Vice Admiral Barkatsas from the Greek Maritime Directorate, opened the Join final event of: B2MoS (Business to Motorways of the Sea); AnNA (Advanced National Networks for Administrations) and WiderMoS (Wide Interoperability and new governance moDels for freight Exchange linking Regions through Multimodal maritime based cOrridorS).

The partners of the projects have been working to standardise the Electronic Information Exchanges linked to maritime transport, and enhance the general functioning of the TEN-T core network corridors. The projects involved a total of 16 European Member States.

José Anselmo, Principal Administrator of the MoS programme said, “these three projects made it to the end and were successful.  Very well done!” He added that, through these projects, “we have built something that Europe can be very proud of”.

Mr Simpson, European Coordinator of MoS explained the change of TEN-T regulations and the new three targets: the environment, promoting the use of new alternative fuels such as LNG; the change of supply chain, from the production to the distribution; the future of the safety of passengers and workers along transport chain. His detailed implementation plan would be presented to the European Parliament and Council in June and launched at the TEN-T Days in Rotterdam, also in June 2016.

The conference opened with the speech of the main coordinators of three projects, so they presented own outcomes in front of other partners.

Mr Ronald van Bockel Coordinator of AnNa, presented the project geared towards supporting the implementation of EU Directive 2010/65 on Reporting Formalities for ships arriving and departing from EU ports. In order to reduce red tape and simplify data exchanges, AnNA successfully carried out 55 pilot projects between 2012 and 2015.  16 of the pilot demonstrations were available on location in Athens in the AnNA Demos Walking Learning and Experimenting Room.

Federica Montaresi Coordinator for the WiderMoS project thanked personally each of the participants for the great collaboration over the past two and a half years. The cooperation between the WiderMoS team delivered the common goal of a project focused on business and the market supply chain, providing real added value through the following key deliverables: the Corridor Management Platform, the MoS study and pocket book and new governance models.

Eva Pérez, Coordinator for the B2MoS project, presented B2MoS and a series of pilot actions helping to facilitate trade and bring business to MoS. Amongst other things, business communities and port authorities were being supported in their efforts to adapt to the Single Window Directive 65 and boost efficiency of supply chains. “For every euro of TEN-T money spent, 15 euros is being generated thanks to B2MoS,” she said.

Inside the Financing Opportunities for MoS session, Sofia Papantoniadou from INEA presented the European MoS 2015 call for projects explaining the priorities: the port infrastructure, integration within corridors and door to door logistics, ICT, environmental performance of ships on MoS links; the alternative fuels, CO2, facilities for LNG, methanol, hybrid or closed loop scrubbers, shore-side electricity; and the port and ship waste, including scrubber waste.

During the afternoon of Day 1 and the morning of Day 2, three parallel sessions took place to go deeper into the findings of the B2MoS, AnNa and WIDERMoS projects. The sessions were held in smaller rooms with more focused groups, and in addition to giving the projects the opportunity to present their deliverables, these session gave an opportunity to arise the discussion about future of MoS.

On the second day, Capt Fred van Wijnen, from CESMA opened the plenary session focused on challenges and opportunities for shipbrokers and agents in a digital world. Trade facilitation and single window port community systems were also presented and the experience of container carriers was shared.

In the closing session, José Anselmo underlined some of the key lessons learned and the invited speakers from DG MOVE, IMO, and Member States ministries put forward their visions for 2020.

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Source: WiderMoS