13 May 14

Amlog at Med Ports in Marrakech

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Sanaa Houssini, Vice President of Amlog ( Association Marocaine pour la logistique) , during an interview she spoke about the strategic position of Magreb countries  in the European logistics area.  In particular at the questions: “Which is the best kind of transportation?  And which will be the solutions for the future?”,she said :

– All kind of transportation are important but  the attention will be focused to improve the multimodal solution in all the Mediterranean.  There are a lot of solutions  for the future and their aim will be consider the Magreb countries not as a transit zone but as an important zone for the logistics trade.-

At the end of the interview she describe the position of  Marocco as European partner and how it actually receives some investments from Asia and USA, the leader in the world to manage supply chain and integrated solutions in Ports area, and how  it will be open,in the future,  to receive this kind of investors.

Full video interview : Webtv

Source: OTMW staff