17 January 18

Agence Nationale des ports and On the MoS Way workshop about International Fast Trade Lane Corridor

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Agence Nationale des ports and  On the MoS Way organize the workshop Simplification des procédures entre les ports du Maroc et de l’UE | « Fast Trade Lane Corridor » that will be held in Casablanca on 24th January.

Simplification and digitalization of cargo handling procedures between commercial ports has become a reality with the adoption of international standards and practices for cross-border data exchange that support the single window concept and create favorable conditions for simplification of freight transport, accelerating the international logistics process (import / export).
This approach is in line with the recently modernized European Customs Code which “aims to further automate all information exchange and storage through additional IT systems that incorporate new legal processes and requirements , such as the sharing of customs services, harmonized interfaces and European portals for trade “.
The objective of this approach is to promote transversal cooperation between the Moroccan ports, maritime and control authorities and the European agencies and authorities for the Mediterranean (France, Spain, Italy and Portugal) in order to implement simplified and digitalized procedures. The ambition is to establish “international fast lane” links on simplified and secure procedures, for the advantage of companies and regional trade.

The challenge is also to exploit the emerging opportunities arising from the implementation of the Maritime Single Window Directive and the innovative procedures of port and customs agencies. This will be possible in particular through the use of new technologies along the international supply chain to digitize and automate procedures, simplify the import / export loop and reduce congestion in port areas.

The topics explored during the workshop will be:

– Context and challenges

– The dematerialization

– The Digital Strategy of the PDA

– The advantages of dematerialization on the supply chain

– The Internet of Things

– The concept of “international fast trade lane”

– The advantages of the international fast trade lane

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