24 May 16

After the Second and the Third MoS Fora, the presentation of the outcomes to MEPs

bandiere ueIn June, Mr. Brian Simpson OBE, TEN – T Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea will present the Detailed Implementation Plan (DIP) to MEPs at the European Parliament.

Mr. Simpson identified three key priorities for action (the three MoS Pillars): Environment, Integration of Maritime Transport in the Logistics Chain and  Maritime Safety, Traffic Management, Human Element/Training.

In order to prepare this event on June, three MoS Fora have been organized regarding the three pillars.

The first one on environment was organized on 15th of March and his outcomes were already presented to MEPs.

On 17th and 18th of May the Second and the Third Fora were held in Brussels, so on 25th of May Michael Cramer MEP, Chairman of the EP Committee on Transport and Tourism and Brian Simpson OBE, TEN-T Coordinator for Motorways of the Sea invite all Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), industry stakeholders and MoS flagship projects to a briefing on the last two Motorways of the Sea Fora.