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Adriatic MoS Up-grated Services – Adri-Up

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adri-upThe objective of the Global Project is to contribute to the development of the Motorway of the Sea of South-East Europe, and to improve the connection of the ports with their hinterland, in order to increase modal shift and foster the use of sustainable transport modes in the area. The Adriatic-Ionian intermodal corridor is amongst the most utilized ones within the wider area of the Eastern Mediterranean and is characterized by the extensive and long standing provision of Ro-Ro and Ro-Pax services.

The overall objective of the “ADRI-UP” Action is to upgrade the Motorway of the Sea (MoS) between the ports of Trieste and Ancona, in Italy, and Igoumenitsa, in Greece. The MoS is currently operated by Minoan Lines, which provides a daily service linking the three ports.

There is a need to improve the integration of the maritime link with the logistics chains in Italy and Greece. Thus, interventions aiming to increase the number of logistics facilities, to upgrade the existing ones, and to increase port capacity are needed. Port and logistics infrastructures will enhance the regular waterborne transport logistics services along the maritime link.

The following activities will be carried out: (i) Construction of Igoumenitsa Freight Village (IFV); (ii) construction of road link between the IFV and the Egnatia-Odos highway; (iii) studies for the upgrading of railway infrastructure in the Port of Ancona; (iv) technical and environmental studies for the new RO/PAX terminal of the port of Ancona; (v) functional and technical restructuring of Pier VI in the port of Trieste and (vi) integration of the maritime link in the Baltic Adriatic and Mediterranean TEN-T Corridors in the dry-port of Fernetti.

Member State(s) involved:

Greece, Italy

Implementation schedule Start date:

March 2016 End date: December 2020

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Adriatic MoS Up-grated Services – Adri-Up

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