10 October 19

6th International LNG Congress, 2-3 March 2020, Brussels

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Virtual reality is an excellent tool for visualizing complex industrial environments and machines in production plants. It can help to streamline maintenance and decrease costs through the use of intelligent products, tools and services at mills,” – explains Mika Karaila, Research Director in Automation R&D at Valmet.

According to Valmet, Virtual reality can help to visualize complex industrial environments, streamline maintenance, and decrease costs at mills and plants, just to mention a few. For engineers and designers, the VR technology offers a brilliant way to demonstrate new technologies, products and services at a very early stage – something that would have been impossible before. Engineers and manufacturers can experience their creations before they are built. Valmet has, for example, developed applications that allow people in different countries to appear next to another in the same virtual plant or mill site and interact with each other. It creates that heightened sense of reality.

To get first-hand experience, participants of the 6th International LNG Congress will try this equipment at focus-exhibition area, which will be attended by Gas Majors, EPC Contractors, LNG Shipping companies,  LNG Trading players, Ports authorities, terminals operators and Natural Gas suppliers. You can get business programme and the list of confirmed delegates by request at https://is.gd/ec4MME