04 Jun 2018

4th International LNG Congress

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LNG4_bannerDates: 4-5 June, 2018

Venue: Berlin, Germany

Organizers: BGS Group

Website: https://goo.gl/F8Ka1b

The 4th International LNG Congress comprises a business program and a focus exhibition area for Gas Majors, EPCs, Ports/Port Authorities/Canals and Fleet Owners to be presented. Modern-days challenges to shipping and transportation, pricing, trading and environment will be discussed my major players on the market, such as Emerson, Lloyd’s register, Cryostar SAS, Engie, Total Gas & Power Ltd., MSC Cruise Management.

One notable feature of the Congress is pre-scheduled B2B meetings: a company chooses (before the Congress) a set of other companies with whom it wants to talk. These meetings are further organized by a personal manager during the Congress. According to testimonials, it’s far more fruitful in comparison with usual networking in corridors.

For more information: https://goo.gl/F8Ka1b