09 May 18

23rd May at the Centro Jovellanos’ will be held the Picasso Final Conference

The Picasso project aims at achieving a modern and well developed maritime transport, with a well-trained and up-to-date work force that enables the sector to become greener, safer and more efficient and sustainable.

This Motorways of the Sea Action has the purpose to study  testing effective ICT solutions for the logistics and maritime fields.

During the open day of the conference on 23rd May the results of the project will be shared with presentations and demonstrations. During the first session “PICASSO Project: bringing about quality results for the promotion of maritime safety and security” will be analyzed in depth the  improvement of the Safety and Security thanks to the use of digital technologies. The second session will be focused on crew training and emergencies management. Then a round table to understand the next steps for the project


More details are available on the official final confecerence page