11 January 19

2019 CEF Transport call virtual info day

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2019 CEF Transport call virtual info day

Thursday, 17. January 2019 – 10:00

The information day will cover the priorities and main aspects of the 2019 CEF Transport call, evaluation and award process, and will also give tips on how to prepare submit a successful proposal. Interactive Q&A sessions will take place during the information day.


Live streaming

The event will be live streamed (link to be provided at a later date). The info day will also be live-tweeted – follow #CEFTranInfo and @inea_eu.



Registration for this event is compulsory. Registrations allow us to better gauge participation and interest as well as improving future events.




Draft agenda & presentations


Time Presentation
10.00-10.10 Welcome and call overview

Marc Vanderhaegen, Head of Programme Support, Coordination & Communication Unit, Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA)

10.10-10:55 Priorities of the call
10:10-10:30 Projects on the Comprehensive Network

João Ferreira, Policy Officer, Transport Investment, DG Mobility & Transport (DG MOVE)

10.30-10.55 Rail Freight Noise

July Buy, Policy Officer, DG MOVE
Piotr Glinka, Project Manager, INEA

10.55-11.15 Q&A
11.15-11.35 The evaluation process and award criteria

Anita Kucharska, Deputy Head of Programme Support, Coordination & Communication Unit, INEA

11.35-11.50 The application process

Laura Alcoverro Via, Evaluation Manager, INEA 
Gauthier Clar, Financial Engineering Manager, INEA

11.50-12.15 Q&A
12.15 End of the information day