21 April 17

The Synchro-NET Second Annual Meeting at Transport Logistic in Munich

headerTransport Logistic is a 4-day event being held from 9th May to the 12th May 2017 at the Messe Munchen in Munich, Germany. This event showcases product from Automotive, Railway, Shipping & Aviation Products, Logistics & Transportation industries.

Into this wonderful context the Second Annual Meeting of the Synchro-NET project will take place from 10th to 12th of May. The 3-day events will be organized in order to examine the main mid term results and plan the future actions of the second period.

In 2015, the Synchro-NET project was financed thanks to Horizon 2020 programme and started involving several partners such as DHL Exel Supply Chain Spain (the project leader), Fraunhofen, MC2J, POLITO, CIRCLE, and Cross-Border Research Association.

SYNCHRO-NET aims to demonstrate how a powerful and innovative synchromodal supply chain eco-NET can catalyse the uptake of the slow steaming concept and synchro-modality, guaranteeing cost-effective robust solutions that de-stress the supply chain to reduce emissions and costs for logistics operations while simultaneously increasing reliability and service levels for logistics users.

The core of the SYNCHRO-NET solution is an integrated optimisation and simulation eco-net, incorporating: real-time synchro-modal logistics optimisation (e- Freight-enabled); slow steaming ship simulation & control systems; synchro-modal risk/benefit analysis statistical modelling; dynamic stakeholder impact assessment solution; and a synchro-operability communications and governance architecture. Perhaps the most important output of SYNCHRO-NET is the demonstration that slow steaming, coupled with synchro-modal logistics optimisation delivers amazing benefits to all stakeholders in the supply chain: massive reduction in emissions for shipping and land-based transport due to modal shift to greener modes AND optimised planning processes leading to reduced empty kms for trucks and fewer wasted repositioning movements.

3 intensive days dedicated to Synchro-NET core contents:

On the 10th of May, the Synchro-NET partners organized the internal meeting where several main results will be discussed and examined. Among the different sessions, a relevant part will be dedicated to the three Synchro-NET demonstrators: the East-West Trade Lane demonstrators, the regional demonstrators, and the Pan European demonstrators.

On 11th of May, the Synchro-NET partners organised the Stakeholders roundtable and will discuss on the following main topics:

Registrations for the Stakeholder’s Roundtables are now open, everyone interested to take part at the roundtables is kindly requested to confirm the attendance by email to synchronet@dhl.com by 8th of May

On 12th of May, the Synchro-NET partners will conduct an internal exploitation workshop discussing Key Exploitable Results of the project and further developing the individual business plans of the partners.

Please download the agenda regarding the 3 day events

Draft Agenda Synchro-NET 2nd Annual Meeting

Source: Synchro-NET